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The Local Development Agency (LDA) is a free public service that Alcalali City Council provides to job seekers, business owners, entrepreneurs and stakeholders involved in the socio-economic development of our territory.

The Local Development Agency carries out, along with other tasks, the following functions:

  • Examination of leisure resources or underused business projects about local economical promotion along with the innovative initiative for job creation, which is useful in order to identify new economic activities and new detection of employment possibilities.
  • Diffusion and stimulus of potential opportunities to create activity among unemployed people, promoters, entrepreneurs and collaborating institutions.
  • Technical support in the start up of business projects in order to achieve consolidation in business that in turn promotes employment. Technical support including information and advice about the technical, economical and financial feasibility, and in general, about new start up plans of companies.
  • Support business promoters, once these businesses are already established. This support includes technical support during first working stages carried out by the application of counsel technicians in business management and assistance in the training process, which will contribute, to the proper functioning of the businesses that are created.
  • Promotion of information about SERVEF services and active employment services, counselling, and support about subsidy programs for training, integration and employment schemes.Participation in courses, seminars, forums, events and exchange of experiences in relation to employment policies.
  • Detection of training needs or any other action to help ensure the primary mission outlined in the previous article.
  • Follow the SERVEF instructions and complete the questioners required by the computer application designed for that propose.
  • Establish coordination with SERVEF and the Territorial Employment Pact that might exist in its territory.
  • Promote co-performance cooperation actions of the LDA of the region/s. This function could be taken over specifically by the supra municipal bodies which must coordinate such actions in a national context, preferably through the use of new technologies.

Contact details

Alcalali City Council- Local Development Agency

Contact person: Ana Ivars Marco 

Calle Mayor, nº 10, CP 03728

Tel. 96.648.20.24 / Fax. 96.648.20.01

E-mail: adl@alcalali.es