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Equality plan

Throughout history women and men have remained unequal and have kept hierarchical relationships. Management has been articulated to position the status of women lower than that of men. Patriarchal system of social organisation is currently continuing in important aspects such as housework, care of children and elderly people, salary gap, etc.

Despite all the advances achieved, a duty of compliance by the public authorities correct the inequality that women continue to suffer nowadays.

In order to achieve this objective, AlcalalI Council approves the Plan of Equal Opportunities for Men and Women by the plenary agreement on the 13th of February of 2014. Minutes can be consulted, in particular section 5.- Approval of the Plan of equal opportunities for men and women of Alcalali.

This plan aims to contribute to the development and strength of democracy as exercising full rights of citizenship of Alcalali.

This plan is an open and participative document, a work plan, a tool that involves the Council, which acquires a commitment with citizens and develops equality. Assume, recognise and carry out principles expressed in this plan have a basic importance because from them a comprehensive, coherent, participatory, democratic and equal workplace can be achieved.

The City Council held a public presentation of the plan last April 15th in the hall of the municipal council, which was attended by the Elderly Association and the Parents Association of Public School Mosquera.

Currently the city is developing some action lines on the plan, in particular:

Area 1: Incorporation and development of a gender perspective in local government.

Area 2: Facilitate and involve women and men of the town as protagonists of their own sustainable economic development.

Area 3: Education

Area 6: Domestic Violence.

You can consult the Alcalali Plan of Equal Opportunities for Men and Women.




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