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General information


The municipality of Alcalali is located in the region of Marina Alta, enclosed in the Valley of Pop, through where the Gorgos River flows.

The municipality is located between Mount Seguili, Carrascal and Rates and Aixa, forming a natural landscape which is both extraordinary and beautiful.

The origins of life in the municipal district of Alcalali date back to prehistoric times, proven by the discovery of a cave painting in the Seguilli cove. Important remains were left on this land by the Moors. The Moors lived in the town of Mosquera for centuries, where thirty houses and a reservoir was located around Sant Joan de Mosquera Chapel.

In 1245 the Town was conquered by Jaume I and was gifted to Princess Berenguela in 1268. In 1409 it became independent and in 1577 the first church of the town was erected, separating the town from Xalo. After the decree of Felipe III where expulsion of the Moors in 1609 was agreed, Mosquera remained deserted. In 1610 the town of Alcalali was awarded with its “Carta Pobla”, this gives legacy to Alcalali, attributing legal rights. The town of Mosquera is repopulated with the arrival of people from Mallorca and Catalonia. Finally in 1616 Alcalali barony was created in favour of Ximen Pérez Rois of Liory and Petursa.

Alcalali has significant resources: architectonic, historical, cultural, ethnological, gastronomic etc. The town also has an extraordinary territory and landscape, Alcalali has exceptional weather which makes the town an ideal place, at any time of the year, to practice outdoor sports such as hiking, cycling etc.

Our municipality has always been known for its outstanding agriculture. For centuries agriculture has been the engine that drives our economy and has contributed to the conservation of the landscape. The cultivation was focused mainly on almonds, grapes, olives and oranges. Currently, the service sector – hotel industry, restoration etc. - are the driving force of our economy.

In Alcalali the saint celebrations are held in honour of San Juan Bautista of Mosquera and the Holy Saint of Health. These celebrations take place on the 24th and the 25th of June respectively. The celebration in June is essentially religious. The celebration of Saint Miguel (Michael) takes place the last weekend of August.



This small village is 5 kilometres away from Alcalali and has around one hundred and fifty residents. It used to be a district of Alcalali and is currently a minor local entity. Llosa de Camacho celebrates its saint’s celebrations the first or second week of August in honour of its patrons: the Virgin of the defenceless, San Antonio and San Roque. There are three days of celebration, one for each Patron Saint.



Population: 1433 residents

Area: 14.4Sq km

Urban area altitude: 240m

Maximum height: Pico de Rates 780m

Main activities: services, agriculture, hospitality

Distance from capital: 78km