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Municipal Library


  • Location: Carrer Sequeret, nº 2, Alcalalí
  • Contact: bibliotecalcalali@gmail.com
  • Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30 p.m. to 19:30 p.m.



The municipal library of Alcalalí is is accessible, is located in front of the school and includes this sections:

  • Reading room: to read or consult a book from the library.
  • Study room: to study or to do homework, quietly.
  • Reference collection: with different dictionaries, manuals, etc.
  • Children’s section: with children’s literature and text-books.
  • Adult and junior department: with text-books and literature.



Do your homework! The library staff helps users with their homework Story teller sessions for the general public from 3 to 99 years old. Handicraft sessions  for children over 3 years.

For more information about our activities, you can visit our website or social networks.



  • Reference service
  • Library loan
  • Users must have a library card.
  • Free Wi-Fi - Study room
  • Consult the library catalogue



Article 1º. - Scope of Application.

Alcalali Municipal Library establishes the lending of books service with the limitations provided in this Regulation, the service is assigned to the Department of Culture.

Article 2º. - Readers.

The lending of books is granted to every individual resident in the city that offer a recognised solvency, either in person or by endorsement, to meet the obligations of the service.
Solvency requirements are the following without limiting others that may be incorporated:

  • Be registered in the city.
  • Be an adult, or have permission from a parent or guardian.

Article 3º. - Cost of the service.

The service is free of charge.

Article 4º.- Rights of the users.

Beneficiaries of the service will have the right to borrow books owned by the library, with the exception of those listed in article 9º.

Article 5º.- User card.

The library will supply users with a card (duplicated) that will be despatched according to the requirements in the second article and this will serve to prove the right to borrow books.
The card application must be processed by the Council. 

Article 6º.- Validity of the cards.

Cards will be valid for two years and will be numbered consecutively in accordance with the register held by the Library, with the following data:

  • Number
  • Date of issue
  • Name and address of the user and their parent or guardian where applicable.

Article 7º.- Obligations of the borrower.

The borrower of the book is obligated to take care of the book and not to transfer the book to another person. The borrower will be responsible of the total cost in the case of damage or loss. 

Article 8º.- Deadlines for the return of library books.

The maximum loan term is thirty calendar days from the acquisition. The passing of this deadline of the return of books will result in a financial penalty of the amount of two euros for each day of delay. The Council will dispatch the penalty. The refusal to pay a penalty by the named borrower will result in a loss of status and the suspension of the service over a period of five years, in the case of refusal to pay the penalty, the signed guarantor will be responsible where applicable. Failure to pay the City Council will result in all legal actions required in order to make the return effective.

Article 9º.- Exclusions.

There are exclusions regarding the loan of encyclopaedias and dictionaries; general reference books, such as bibliographic treaties, catalogues, and in general larger bind books. They can only be consulted at the City Hall in the schedule established.

Article 10º.-. Procedure for requesting books.

Anyone interested in making use of the loan service of books from the Municipal Library can access the website of the City Council of Alcalali www.alcalali.es  where the list of books available can be seen in PDF. You will also find on the website different application forms both for the Library Card application and for the book loan request.
Once the Library Card is obtained by the applicant they will be allowed to start to use the service by submitting the application form for the lending of books to the General Register Council.
Within two working days from submitting the application, the applicant may come to the General Register Council to take the requested books, form this moment the thirty-day period of required return begins. Books must be returned to the General Register Council.Each user will be allowed to have a maximum of five books simultaneously. 

Article 11º.-. Parent or guardian.

When the user is a minor, the person acting as the parent or guardian of the user will jointly be liable for acts committed when financial conditions are not met. 

Article 12º.-. Interpretation of Regulations and addressing incidents.

The Mayor of the city council will be empowered for the enforcement of Regulation. When appropriate the Councillor responsible for Culture will be empowered by express delegation.
You may download the rules by clicking here

You can see the books available in the library clicking on the following links: