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Social Services

Alcalali City Council provides social services through the Commonwealth of Social Services of Marina Alta (MASSMA), headquarters in the town of Orba. This Commonwealth consists of 20 districts, it is lead by Mr. Joan Ignasi Cervera Arbona.



  • Home assistance service.
  • Care service for dependants
  • Services specialised in family and childhood
  • Program of cognitive stimulation for dependants
  • Unit of community prevention of addictive behaviour
  • Program of initial professional gardening qualification
  • Assistance program of social emergency
  • Assistance for women in situations of inequality
  • Legal services for women
  • Prevention of truancy
  • Prison social work
  • Immigrant care
  • Foster Care program
  • Home telecare program



  • Information, orientation and advice about resources and social benefits
  • Monitoring the level of disability recognition
  • Parking card for the disabled
  • Verdict about disabled legal status
  • Card for people with disabilities
  • Non-contributory invalidity or retired pensioners
  • Home tele-care service
  • Home help service
  • Assessment and record proposal of children in vulnerable situations, elderly, mental illness, homelessness, residential intervention etc.
  • Thermalism program
  • Medical card for immigrants and vulnerable citizens
  • Elderly residential admission
  • Admission into centres: women, minor, disabled, mentally ill
  • Cases of domestic violence, counselling and referral
  • Mobile protocols care for victims of domestic violence
  • Fostering and adoption
  • Juvenile prosecutor office, records, and monitoring judicial measures in open system
  • Prison cases, community service, and release on parole.
  • Immigrant Government Sub-delegation report: house valuation, family reunification, and social tie permission
  • Technical records of assessment of assistance and subsidies from other ministries, councils and institutional departments.
  • Social specialist record at the request of public bodies.
  • Minimum income guarantee
  • Social emergency individual benefits
  • Large family single parent title deed
  • Holiday program seniors
  • Phone social subscription
  • Elderly card
  • Cultural elderly card
  • Caring for people in situation of dependency



Legal advice service:

The legal advice service from MASSMA is taking place on Thursdays from 5:00pm to 7:30pm, in the social services office of Beniargeig Council.

Lawyer: Isabel Sánchez

The contact telephone number is: 96.576.60.18


Social services

Contact person: Ana Martí

E-mail: anamarti@massma.org

Customer service: Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. By prior appointment only