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Forms and documentation


Signing up to guifi.net could cause confusion for some people.

Unlike other websites, guifi.net lacks configuration for fill/select data on a form and the ability to click over icons so it is possible that some users of the Alcalali Wi-Fi network still have not signed up in this website.

Here we provide you with a manual of instructions to follow in order to proceed in the enrolment. You can download the manual and use it as a reference.

Remember: Signing up to guifi.net does not mean that you are automatically signed into the use of the Alcalali network, nor the opposite, signing in as a user in the municipal Wi-Fi network does not mean that you are signed into guifi.net.

Joining in GUIFI.NET manual

User name and password request

1. - Install and configure your antenna.

2. - Download the attached document (Application form)

3. -Fill it in and send it to: Ayuntamiento de Alcalali, C/ Mayor, 10-03728 Alcalali or to alcalali@alcalali.es. Customer service will be available during working days from 8:00am to 3:00pm in the municipal offices.

4. - You must read and accept the conditions:


NanoStation5 Configuration

(Average of users in network)