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Greetings from the Mayor

I am pleased to welcome you to the municipal website of the City of Alcalali, a digital tool that allows you to access all information related to our town.

Alcalali is experiencing a period of change and we want our reseidents to feel closer than ever to the town hall and council. We will work with enthusiasm to make our town more open, more beautiful and more inviting while closing in on related problems. We care about the people and so we unite in efforts in order to achieve all of the needs required by the district. In the different sections of this webstie, you can find relevant information related to the Town Hall including my contact information and the contact information for other memebers of the council team.

Yolanda Molina Tolsma

Mayor of Alcalali

E-mail: yolanda.ajalcalali@gmail.com

Tel. 96 648 20 24