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16 septiembre 2022

From Sunday, September 4 to Sunday, February 12, the wild boar's hunting ban will be open.

From the first Sunday of September to the second Sunday of February, in accordance with ORDER 3/2012, of January 19, of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Territory and Environment, which regulates the hunting and control of wild boar in the Valencian Community, the raid of the wild boar is authorized in order to control its population.

During the last decades, the spatial expansion of wild boar has led to an increase in its population, increasing damage and problems due to its abundance, due to the high reproductive potential of the species and the absence of natural predators, it has become necessary to apply these measures in order to stop its over population.

Therefore, from the City Council we want to inform you that every weekend and any holiday included in the period of time detailed above, wild boar hunts can take place within our municipality.

We ask the entire population to take extreme precautions, be alert and respect the indications and signs set by hunters in order to minimize the risks as much as possible.

Here are the legal regulations to consult