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in 2018 we recycle more and better

08 enero 2018

We must go ahead and recycle. A small gesture can cause big changes.

Through ECOEMBES, Alcalalí Town Council has acquired 26 units of paper bins destined for recycling. It is a free action for the town councils.

ECOEMBES is the organization that takes care of the environment through the recycling of packaging in Spain. They make it possible for plastic containers, cans and briks (yellow containers) and cardboard, paper, newspapers and magazines (blue containers) to have a second life.

The paper mills have been located in the following municipal buildings: Town Hall and Old Town Hall, Civic Center, Library, Municipal Sports Center, Medical Office, Multipurpose Building, Culture room, Medieval Tower and Ethnological Museum.

The team of Alcalalí City Council is committed to correctly use the bins and verify that their use is being adequate.

Remember that the municipality has collection points for organic waste, and recycling containers for glass, paper and cardboard, plastic and oil. Inside the City Hall and the doctor's office you will find collection points for used batteries.

You also have at your disposal the Ecopark (Tuesdays, in summer from 4pm to 8pm and in winter from 4pm to 6pm) where you can get rid of high volume waste such as furniture, agricultural remains, construction or gardening.